The Agnitian Empire


The Empire that oversees the human nation. It was assigned to the Northern section of Ultana, and it’s capitol is the city of Remia.

The Royal family can trace it’s bloodline all the way back to it’s origins. This is because of an agreement between the five noble families. A contest between the Eldest sons of the 5 Families, was struck and the winner would be come the First Emperor. After that they would follow the tradition of keeping the royal bloodline.

The tradition is that the current Emperor must bear a son, who will then inherit the Empire and must marry the daughter of one of the other noble families. He is allowed to choose who he marries but it must not be in the same house that he is in or a close relative. In the event that only a daughter is born to the Emperor, another contest between the sons of the other houses who are closest in age to the princess, and she is to marry the winner.

This agreement allows the different families equal opportunity to gain the throne but also preserve the royal blood line.

The current Emperor is Triric of House Lathar

The Agnitian Empire

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