Jara's Scroll

This was a special scroll given to Marcus by a Tiefling named Jara, who was a secret spell caster.

The scroll appears to be blank to anyone looking at it. For some unknown reason though, Malva is able to see Draconic runes all over the scroll.

The Scroll Reads:

To my close friend Rama,

I wish this letter found you in better times.

By now I am sure you have heard that the empire has fallen. For all of our might we did not expect that kind of power and we were powerless to stop them. For now all we can hope for lies in the future. We have foreseen a remnant of people who are still loyal to us. My Kyros guide them.

In the nasket you will find the Crown of Stars. I had hoped to see my son wear it as was his right but sadly those snakes have stolen that opportunity from me. Please see to it that it stay hidden. If we are to hope for the future, the crown MUST stay hidden.

I must go, I need to oversee the final preparations. Thank you for your friendship in this life and Kyros willing, in the next. I hope you see a better end than I.

Your Friend,
Achlys Protex

Jara's Scroll

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