The Cataclysm of Ultana

Chapter 1

Cross Roads

The group meets for the very first time under Lord Hector’s roof: Drakon, Malva, Marcus, Persephone, Ryo, & Sacajawea. One human, two half elves, a wood elf, a dwarf, and a halfling…not the bunch you are likely to see together in your neighborhood pub. Nonetheless, Lord Hector chose each one – so there must be some greater purpose at play here than the usual social standards.

They were given their first mission: to escort one of Lord Hector’s caravan’s back from a town called Cross Roads (there had been much bandit action along this road). While waiting for their departure time to arrive, they happened upon a ruckus in the city. The source of which being the body of a murdered Tiefling woman. Marcus seemed to carry the weight of this death quite heavily and pledged to the dead woman’s son that he would avenge her death.

They left soon after as they could do nothing else and gathered at the city gates. While there they met up with their final party member Alfwin and Captain Zaos. He was to lead the party to Cross Roads and back and, as he proudly told them, no caravans had every been lost under his command.

The group set off for Myst Point (their first stop on their way to Cross Roads) and before they had gotten too far into their journey they were met with their first obstacle: wolves. They were eventually able to kill the pack but several members of their group sustained injuries. It was at this point that they discovered that Alfwin, the most recent addition to their party, was a cleric and claimed healing capabilities. After they took a brief time to rest and deal with the worst of the injuries they continued on to Myst Point without any other incidents delaying them.

Once there they checked into the Lakehead Inn and met the innkeeper Caulder. Alfwin almost immediately started to question Caulder about what he knew about the bandit activity on the road leading through their town. He got nowhere however as Caulder claimed to know nothing and seemed put off by the intense questioning. Two other members of the group, Malva & Marcus offered to entertain Caulder’s guests for the evening and that seemed to diffuse the situation. While the evening progressed members of the group began to notice a mist coming out over the lake obscuring it from their view.

After they had finished playing, Marcus noticed a man sitting in the corner who appeared to be paying particular attention to their group. He had a distinctive scar on his face. When he noticed that he had attracted the attention of Marcus, he immediately left the inn. Marcus attempted to follow him but was unsuccessful.

The group decided to retire for the evening and set out fresh in the morning. Unknown to the rest of the group however, Persephone did not feel trust towards Zaos and planned on entering his room during the cover of night and seeing if she could find any evidence to support her feeling. She entered his room and was unaware that her actions were noticed by Marcus and Ryo who happened to be coming out of their rooms at the same time that she was entering Zaos’. Her search was cut short when she accidentally stepped on a creaky floorboard and woke him up. He was immediately on edge (understandably) and, calling her a half-breed, commanded that she leave his room. She left quickly and then saw that Ryo and Marcus were waiting in the hallway to see what she was about. She would have walked by them in silence except that Ryo stopped her and told her to mind her own business. She got even more frustrated and continued on to her room as Marcus also said that it would be be best for them all to head to bed.

They left in the morning and arrived in Cross Roads by dinner time without anything else happening on the road. Zaos went to arrange for their party to stay at the Orc-Inn-Stone while the rest of the group decided to take a look around. They got off to a rough start however as Marcus was almost immediately singled out by a guard and had to run off with the guard in pursuit. He sought out Zaos who vouched for him but was highly unhappy with the ruckus the group was causing right off the bat. Almost immediately after, which in hindsight might be seen as humorous, Malva was brought to Zaos in guard’s custody for wandering around where she did not belong without good reason for why she was there or who she was with. After also diffusing that situation Zaos went into the inn in a huff to drink and eat. The rest of the group soon followed.

They were greeted by the innkeeper Vidimir who began to show them around the inn. In particular, he seemed quite excited to show them the reason for the name of the inn…in the very center of the dining hall was a great stone statue of an orc…clearly caught in the act of taking a dump.

Vidimir had found the statue while exploring the forest to the west. There was a tourist site there that some hunters found a couple years back. While hunting they came across what was an orc raiding party that had been turned to stone. Vidimir was exploring the site and found this statue in the river. It must have fallen. He had the statue brought back to Cross Roads and used it as the base of the name of his inn.

The group might have just chuckled at the irony of this statue except that Sacajawea, the dwarf of their party, immediately became enraged and moved to strike down the statue. She was only stopped by Drakon who overpowered her handed her weapons to Persephone who stood nearby, and took her upstairs to lock her in her room. Both Drakon and Percy (Persephone) stayed with her but she refused to engage them in conversation.

The next morning the group met up with their designated caravan and set out back towards Avalar. They hadn’t gotten too far when Captain Zaos was pulled away from the group to go deal with an uprising. With no other choice but to press on, the group continued on their journey.

Around the middle of the day they encountered what they had hoped to avoid. A tree had been placed in the middle of the road as a barricade and the scarred man the Marcus had seen was standing on top of it waiting for them. He called out saying that they were surrounded and that their only choice was to surrender the wagon and its contents to him.

Drakon, who happened to be positioned in the front, moved forward to address the man (Rash was his name) when he was struck by an arrow which revealed that his statement about being surrounded was correct. A short struggle ensued as the group fought their attackers. Before too long all of the bandits (including Rash) had been struck down except for one – who the group decided to take back for further questioning by Lord Hector as they had not managed to get anything useful out of him.

They continued with the caravan on to Myst Point where they passed a brief night before they continued on to Avalar. However, before they left they did discover that the innkeeper there, Caulder, had disappeared almost as soon as they had departed themselves.

When they arrived at Avalar they were met by Miquesh, Lord Hector’s right hand man, who took over care of the wagons. He told them that they were expected by Lord Hector the next morning to debrief.

The morning came and the meeting started. Marcus handed over a letter to Hector (to the surprise of the rest of the group) which he had apparently found on Rash’s body. It revealed to everybody’s shock that both Caulder and Zaos were involved in the bandit activity. Lord Hector reproved Marcus for not being open with the rest of the group about his discovery and declared that he expected us to work together in openness and unison. He then said that he would notify them when he needed them next and left the room.

The group disbursed – some staying in Hector’s care as he had promised housing in return for work and some made their own way in Avalar. Waiting until their next meeting.

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Just started reading this. So far so good :) I look forward to where the characters will go.

Chapter 1

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