The Start of the Reformation Era

For thousands of years, during the Ancient Era (AE), the Kraytian Empire covered the vast expanse that is known as Ultana. This empire was as diverse as it was massive and powerful. The 5 High Races lived in peace and prosperity within its borders.

Together they reached higher and higher into unknown wonders of Magic, Technology, and Knowledge. This untamed growth is what brought the eventual end of the Kraytians by the Evil Serpents of the North.

The Dragons felt the power of the Kraytians and desired it for themselves. They came to the Empire, and lied and deceived themselves into power. Upon taking over, the Dragons began to defile It, causing the races to interbreed among other travesties. The results were new abominable races; Humanoid Dragons, Half-Breeds, and Demons that walked. Soon the Empire began to crumble under the depravity that was the serpent’s; doing.

However, Luck would have it that greatness for Ultana was not over. 8 Champions, Athana, Gaiana, Teumess, Kallia, Theron, Skotos, Niketas, and Roxana, young wizards who had studied the Old Magic, rose up and destroyed the Dragons, starting the Reformation Era (RE). They brought back order to Ultana by assuming control of the Kraytian Empire and threw the Sub Races into submission, forever indebted to rebuild what their evil heritage had brought.

After ruling in peace for a year, the 8 knew that Ultana was too large to be ruled by one Empire, so they divided the land into 3 kingdoms, divided evenly as the High Races saw fit. The humans to rule the Agnitian Empire, the elves to rule the Selenian Dynasty, and the Iron Alliance to be governed by a counsel of dwarves, gnomes, and half-lings. These are the 3 Kingdoms who rule and watch over the land of Ultana and protect it from Evil today.

Even though the land now had protection, the 8 knew that Magic was still a risk because it was so vast that none could comprehend it. Therefore they founded the Aegian Order, a counsel of 8 Wizards to watch over Magic in the world and ensure it stay within safe borders.

Near the end of their lives, the 8 were given a great gift. Because of their bravery and devotion to the people of Ultana, they were lifted up to the heavens and became The Octoma, the Immortal Guardians of Ultana, watching over us even today.

The Start of the Reformation Era

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