Avalar has fallen! An army of orcs came out of the Great Northern Forest and took over occupation of Avalar. Hector Peariner and his family were killed during the siege. Most shockingly yet, Malegore Nineheads, King of Orcs, was proven to exist. He now sits on the throne of Avalar.


In the Northern section of the Agnitian Empire, just south of the Great Northern Forest, lies the city of Avalar. Its one of the last major settlements that the humans are brave enough to call home. With cold winters and risk of Orc war partys from the north, it is a tougher place of civilization.

Many believe Avalar to be one of Ultana’s oldest cities, founded shortly after the first humans descended down from the Watchmen Mountains in search for a warmer climate. Even though it is an old city, all of the buildings were either built after the beginning of the Reformation or rebuilt on the foundations of old. Only the Keep is an original Kratian building. The reason being is that like all Kratian military structures or The Water Ways, it has been magically ensured to survive the effects of time or weather.

The governor of Avalar is Lord Hector Peariner, Head of the Peariner family. He has 3 children, Cyrek, Content Not Found: philip-peariner_, and _Content Not Found: kathryn-peariner. He is 65 years old and has led the city of Avalar for 45 years after his father died in battle. Like he and his father before him, the Peariners have always lead the people of Avalar, tracing their family line back to the days of the dragons.

It is not a very wealthy city, compared to others, Avalar is very large. 20,000 people, of all species call it home. One of the reasons for the size of the population is Lord Hector’s outlook on the subraces. While he does acknowledge their ancestry, he does not permit slavery in his province, which was a change that he instituted shortly after taking the role as governor. The subraces are still only allowed minor jobs but are paid none the less. For this reason, many freed/escaped subraces seek solitude in the streets of Avalar.

This outlook is not shared in any other area of Ultana, including the capitals. Some say that the only reason Emperor Triric Lathar allows this is that Lord Hector is his uncle and high council member. However, even if he has Imperial support, the Emperor is aging, and many think that this might be the last Peariner to be in office.


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