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  • The Aegian Order

    [[File:642513 | class=media-item-align-center | Aegian_Order.JPG]] The Aegian Order was founded by the [[Octoma]] to help maintain magic throughout [[Ultana]]. It oversees the [[College of Magic]], the [[Temple of the Octoma]], and the [[Order of …

  • College of Magic

    The wizards college created by the [[Octoma]] in order to teach the new generations how to safely wield magic. It is currently led by [[:exemplar-matthias | Exemplar Matthias ]]

  • Order of Sentinels

    The Order of Sentinels was created by the [[Octoma]] in order to help maintain peace and security throught [[Ultana | Ultana]]. After the downfall of the [[The Kraytian Empire | The Kraytian Empire]] and the dragons, Ultana needed a complete restructure …

  • Soul Gem

    Soul gems were first developed by the [[Octoma | Octoma]] after they defeated the dragons. They are specially designed to contain the souls of magic users, preventing the magic from escaping and transferring to other people. They are in the shape of a …