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  • The Aegian Order

    [[File:642513 | class=media-item-align-center | Aegian_Order.JPG]] The Aegian Order was founded by the [[Octoma]] to help maintain magic throughout [[Ultana]]. It oversees the [[College of Magic]], the [[Temple of the Octoma]], and the [[Order of …

  • College of Magic

    The wizards college created by the [[Octoma]] in order to teach the new generations how to safely wield magic. It is currently led by [[:exemplar-matthias | Exemplar Matthias ]]

  • Order of Sentinels

    The Order of Sentinels was created by the [[Octoma]] in order to help maintain peace and security throught [[Ultana | Ultana]]. After the downfall of the [[The Kraytian Empire | The Kraytian Empire]] and the dragons, Ultana needed a complete restructure …