Marcus Silvernight

I have my secrets... but I would love to know yours.


Race: Half-elf (Dark)
Gender: Male
Hight: 6’ 4"
Build: Medium
Hair: White
Eyes: Blue
Look: Elegant and always well kept. He gives off a kindly air, but if you look closely at his eyes, you will see calculating determination and underlying sadness.


Tall, dark, and relatively handsome, Marcus has a presence of character, and personality that can’t be ignored.

Previously part of a theater group from the south, he made a name for himself as a well liked member despite being a half breed. He left the group on a search for vengeance after the death of Demra, another member of the acting group, at the hand of a scarred man from the north.

Marcus “joined” the members of Lord Hector’s group after being caught smuggling a magical artifact for the Silken Underground.

He never really liked Lord Hector, but anyone who would stand up to the corruption of the Eight, anyone who would be willing to die for the truth, that was a man Marcus respected. Miquesh his faithful right hand; he never really liked him much either, but when his curtain call came, Miquesh met it in full form. Marcus on the other hand had fought against his calling, against the role given him by fate, but no more. He would take up the mantel of Lord Hector’s endeavor. He would ride the winds of change and, with the help of his friends, bring the Octoma to their knees.

Marcus also has many disguises and aliases.

Marcus Silvernight

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