Grandmaster Ky (Kyloth)

Leader of the Monastery


Grandmaster Ky is the oldest living Elf known in Ultana. He has lived over a thousand years and no one knows how he has prolonged his life. During most of his life he has lead the mysterious monastery, located deep within the borders of the Iron Alliance.

People assume that it is connected to his position as the Grandmaster Monk because the previous Grandmastor, Loth, also lived over a thousand years.

Rumors are that his is considering stepping down because of his age.

Update in Chapter 6

Ky was revealed to actually be the Dragonlord Kyloth. He, like his brother, Sadorith, are shape shifters and have been hiding in mortal form for the last two thousand years. He has split his identities into two people: Loth and Ky, which is how he has maintained such a public role without causing suspicion for his unnatural long age.



Grandmaster Ky (Kyloth)

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