Persephone's Heart throb


Drakon grew up an orphan in the Great Northern forest. He was raised by a dragonborn, named Kyrex and taught the ways of combat, leadership, and honor. Later Drakon watched as the legendary orc king, Malegore Nine Heads killed Kyrex and destoryed his village. This make Drakon the only person to actually see Malegore and live.

He then was sent to Avalar, via his dying master’s wish, to enlish in the company of Lord Hector.

Drakon’s skills in leadership, warfare, and protective magic make him a valuable ally to his group.


Drakon discovered who his family was before he was orphaned; he is the last remaining descendant of House Protex. His father, Achlys Protex, was killed by the Octoma 2000 years ago. Drakon was born the same day and sent 2000 years into the future by way of magic cast by the dragon lords Sadorith and Kyloth. He is the last and only hope if the Kraytian people wish to survive.



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