Cyrek Peariner


He grew up in the city of Avalar. Son of Lord Hector, Cyrek Peariner comes from a noble family out of sorts with the ruling class in the way it views human life and even it is said does not truly pay homage to the eight deities and has been out of sorts with the Aegian order. (Gasp)

Cyrek’s childhood was spent in a great deal of study and for many years he grew up among the Aegian’s honing his magical skills in the magical arts. He showed himself smart and a quick learner and rose to the top of his class despite distrust and hatred of many at school due to his lineage as a Peariner. Cyrek was able to get along well in a hostile environment due to his mastery of diplomatic arts and magical ability which has won him much recognition as a rising star of a new generation of magic user’s. ( think Harry Potter minus the constant need to create new books) Cyrek has a hatred for the Aegian order’s mistreatment of those not born purely of one blood and how they grasp for power.

Cyrek is cautious and paranoid from living with the Aegians and seeks to find other allies who wish to overthrow the Octoma’s stranglehold on Ultana.


Cyrek Peariner

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